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Several years ago, Deborah Nolan created the card Chain Challenge (CCC) on her blog, Society of Stampaholics (SOS) because she met tons of women online who made beautiful handmade cards for others but rarely seemed to receive them. The CCC was a simple premise: sign up and mail the person above you a handmade card while receiving one from the person immediately below. To make it interesting, she added a color palette, a sketch, and themes to guide each month's exchange.

The CCC was a terrific success and many card makers from all over the globe have participated - many are repeat players. (Records indicate that Dawn Turley has participated the most - she's only missed one of approximately 60+ challenges!)

In the summer of 2016, Deborah ran into some health issues that threatened the health of the CCC. Gail stepped in and took on the care and feeding of the CCC by hosting it on her Crafty Nomad blog. During this time, Jo of Just a Dotty Pudding and Naughty Or Nice Challenges, also stepped up and helped.

Which brings us to the present. The Card Chain Challenge has been given its own blog and will be tended to by Deborah, Gail and Jo (which is a very good thing because it really is too large an undertaking for just one person).

We hope you take part and exchange many a beautiful card while building online friendships around the world!     


Oh, and by the way, in 2023, this happened!

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Darnell said...

How wonderful that you have created a dedicated blog for the CCC, ladies! Thank you for doing this and keeping it going! I am kept pretty busy with the pen pals I've connected with over the years, but one can never have too many, so I'm planning to join up again. I'm off to see how I do that. Mwah! Hugs, Darnell