Friday, 28 April 2017

More on Postage

Hey, All!

Our Cat (Craig) left an excellent comment on the last post. I know that not everyone reads comments, but this one had valuable content and shouldn't be missed. 

So here's what Cat shared (taking her info from the USPS):

U.S. First-Class Mail® International Letter maximum length is 11-1/2" long,  6-1/8" in tall ,or 1/4" thick.

I have a piece of cardboard that I've cut a 3/16"-wide slit in. If my card slides through that (even if it's a tight fit), I know I am good for standard postage.  (GREAT TIP, CAT!!!)

Square envelopes and rigid envelopes (non - machinable) cost just a bit more. 

Standard U.S. postage right now is $1.15 for "normal size and shape" envelopes; rigid or square costs $1.36. 

Anything 1.1 - 2 ounces costs $1.98 to $2.19. 

Once you get beyond that 1/4" thickness, regular-size envelopes (whether US or International) are classified as packages and the price goes up quite a bit. 

If anybody else has any information they can copy and paste into a comment from their country's postal office, we can create a database for easy reference.

Deborah, Gail & Jo

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Glad you found the comment had value.