Friday 19 June 2020

Let's Play - Game 3

Hello Card Chain Challenge friends.  
We have now exchanged over 3000 cards!  

Yes, an amazing 3000 cards, winging their way around the planet, 
spreading love and friendship, one card at a time.

Hop the hop for your chance to win one of the amazing prizes from

Now, let's play Game 3 - Ode to a Friend!!!

We have so borrowed this idea from Janet of Her Peaceful Garden.  Thanks Janet!!

We want you to get poetic about friends/friendship. You can use any form of poem that you wish (epics not required, unless you are really in the mood!) Any poetic form allowed; couplets, a Haiku (Haikus follow a 3 line 5-7-5 syllable form), a limerick - whatever floats your poetic boat! It's got to be your own work, new and related to friendship or friends.

Please add your poem as a comment.  This game is open to everyone and you can enter as many times as you want!

All Hop games close 28th June and the lucky winners will be announced 30th June.

Lost Coast Designs have generously supplied a Gardener Gnome and Queen of Everything sentiment for us to give away, so get your poetic hat on and come join the fun!

Here's a little Haiku from Gail to our Card Chain Challenge friends....

Hi Friend, how are you?
Here's a card, across the miles
Filled with love and smiles

I know, I know!!  Don't give up the day job LOL.   Your turn now!  Add your poems in the comments.
Everyone welcome.  Enter as many as you want......... 

If you would like to join the Card Chain Challenge the July Sign Up is open until 6th July


Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Fun & good job, Gail. I'd never done a haiku but looked it up. Relating mine to cards, rather than nature - oh well...OK - here's my haiku "Sweet Cards":
Sweet cards we create
To fill hearts with joy and love
Beauty with purpose

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

And a quick nature one: "Summer Blooms"
Delicate blossoms
Stems swaying in the warm breeze
Heavenly colors

Yeah, good thing I'm retired so I don't have to quit my day job - LOL! But this could be addictive!!

Mia said...

I love haiku and I have posted a lot of haikus on my blog.
It is difficult for me to write a haiku in english, as I am not sure about syllabus, so here is a simple poem from me for you:
Our friendship is a star
shining through the night.
Come and give me just a hug
make me dance all night.

Robyn Oliver said...

Having some fun this month... wooopie
Oh I am definitely not poetically inclined but I'll give it a go... no idea but the ends of my verse kind of match

Each month with our stamps, inks and pens
We lovingly make cards ready to send
By air, sea and land to our CCC friends
We're a link in the Friendship Chain that we hope never ends

Jeanne H said...

My poem...

Sending cards to you gives me a thrill. No need for a pill. Cards from friends make me happy,so make it snappy. LOL

Not a poetic person here but I seesee some of you are.Thanks fellow CCC's. Hugs from Jeanne H iMN

Denise Bryant said...

Card in the mailbox
Meant to travel a long way
Oops...forgot the stamp!

Janis said...

Hi, Gail! The Cat Poetry game was indeed a hit last October during 2019 Cat Lovers Hop. I plan to reprise it this year, too. Thanks for the shout out!

I think I remember reading somewhere that Idaho hasn't been represented in this chain yet.....or was that a different card exchange???? Well, or there or inspired my poem. :)

This game lured me in,
Though I am not a member of CCC.
Finally Idaho will get a pin...
and a card from me you shall see-see-see.

LOL.....oh, my! That is bad even by MY low standards!!! Hahahaha....
Where do I sign up to join in?
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Dotty Jo said...

You guys ROCK! Jo x

Dotty Jo said...

Let's hear it for a lady called Gail,
Who likes to send cards in the mail.
Each month she runs CCC,
Which sends out cards to you and to me,
That wonderful woman named Gail!

Dotty Jo said...

Love it! Sooooooooooooo pleased to find we've finally pulled you in, Janis! Welcome, welcome, welcome, Jo x

HilaryJane said...

Brilliant Jo, I whole heartily support your wonderful message in this one.

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

Three cheers for Gail and all her CCC efforts!!

Betty said...

Ok - I'm not a poet and I know it!! But here goes as dorky as it is!

Robyn, Joy, Karren and Dawn
Oh, I could just go on and on!
Lucille, LaVon, Helen and Jo
Wonder where my next card will go!
Janet, Hilary, Linda and Cat
Hope my envelope’s not too fat??
Greta, Lin, Chris and Gail
So much fun to see what I’ll get in the mail!!!

Robyn Oliver said...

Fantastic Jo... we love you both for keeping CCC going

Robyn Oliver said...

Wonderful Betty... hidden poets among us

Robyn Oliver said...

Done that, but mostly I forget to take a photo of my card, I'm so anxious to get the card in the mail to travel all the way from Oz

Linda W. (ScrappinBari) said...

So fun Betty - thanks for the shout-out!!

Kath said...

This is fabulous Betty!

Kath said...

Okay - so I'm not going to give up my day job any time soon, but here's my poem:

In this strange old world we have busy lifestyles
So I love to send cards across the miles
To make new and old friends have lots of smiles

Kath x

Suzanne H said...

I just had to try this game:
Old fashioned it may seem
A card sent with a stamp
Created with intention
To bring joy to those unseen

Greta said...

Wow, wow, wow! You are all poets & I've totally loved reading every single one! Unfortunately, my mom got all the poetry genes in the family, so I'll just cheer for all of you!

Robyn Oliver said...

It's great and full of meaning Kath... our cards sure do bring smiles across the miles hugs Robyn

Robyn Oliver said...

Way to go Suzanne... I love the 'old fashioned' idea of sending and receiving 'real' cards in the post... a great poem. hugs and stay safe Robyn

Robyn Oliver said...

Don't fancy myself as a writer of anything and haven't heard of or any inkling of what " a Haiku (Haikus follow a 3 line 5-7-5 syllable form) " is, or any clue how to achieve that but I know rhyming words 😊😉😏... a bit of fun... Have a great day Greta and stay safe hugs Robyn

Angelnorth said...

An ode (OK, a limerick!) to an ever expanding chain:

There is a great chain of card makers
Led by real movers and shakers
Each month all these artists
Consult the new card lists
And make friends round the globe - any takers?

I'll look at everyone else's later, dind't want to read them first in case it made me bottle out of posting my daft ditty!

Arlene said...

I see how many brave people there are, so I tried an haiku. Not too bad for my first, not about nature, but about something just as important to me. OMG, my first and last lines rhyme - quite unintentional.

To color I must
The noise and scents that surround
me fade into dust

HilaryJane said...

A really excellent little rhyme well done. I have no clue when it comes to words xx

Tina Z. said...

wow, so many lovely poems, I love them all and you are very creative!
so, if anything sounds strange, English is my second foreign language ...

Crafty friends are like a sun,
together we have so much fun.
We cut, we stamp, we stencil,
and finally, we write our friend's address with a pencil.

crafty hugs to all xx

ionabunny said...

Fab Tina. Thanks for joining in the fun. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Hi Arene. That a great haiku. Bonus points for rhyming LOL. Thanks for joining in the fun. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Cool limerick Joanne. That's us, movers and shakers LOL. Thanks for joining in the fun. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Wonderful Suzanne. Thanks for joining in the fun. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Wonderful Kath. A perfect depiction of life and CCC. Thanks for joining the fun. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Awesome Betty. Love this. Clever to include so many friends. Thanks for playing along and for wowing us with your poetry. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Ho Ho ho. You ladies are making me blush. Thanks and love your ditty Jo. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Fab poem Janis and thanks for the idea for this game. So glad you decided to join us for July. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Bwahahahahahaaaa. This made me laugh. Yes! Done that!! Fab little poem. Thanks for joining the fun. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Wonderful Jeanne. A jolly little gig. Thanks for playing along. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Hi Robyn, glad you are having fun. This is wonderful. Thanks for playing along. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Wonderful Mia. Thanks for playing along. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Wonderful Linda. A lovely haiku. Thanks for joining the fun. Hugz

ionabunny said...

Love this. Very emotive. Hugz

Greta said...

You guys are so creative! Love everyone's poetry! Thanks so much to Gail & Jo for keeping our wonderful CCC going!